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Assembly of large components such as ferry terminals, bridges and steel constructions for hydraulic engineering.

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Bridge Construction/ Assembly -MNR-:

Bridge construction and industrialized building is an important service area of MNR GmbH. Our staff provides extensive experience in this field.

Reference object in 2003:
Assembly of the ferry terminal Airbus site in Hamburg-Finkenwerder

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Bridge Construction/ Assembly -MNR-:

For the assembly of ferry terminals MNR GmbH offers individual services or total-solution packages, including materials, fabrication of steel constructions and mechanical engineering as well as inspection certificates.

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Bridge Construction/ Assembly -MNR-:

Dealing with different assembly techniques and mobile drilling, particularly for locating holes and bearing seats, is part of our service range.

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Bridge Construction/ Assembly -MNR-:

Assembly of the bridges and ferry terminals is available from MNR GmbH as a total-solution package, including the appropriate crane and heavy-load transport services.

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