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For finishing the product we have CNC-Machines for mechanical processing at our disposal. Machining, such as drilling, turning, milling and planing, according to customer specifications. Execution of mechanical processing exclusively by highly qualified staff. Precision work, including 3-D measurement of the component’s regular geometry with nominal-/ actual-value comparison, including the form and position tolerances as well as reverse engineering, can be realized at the MNR milling/ drilling workshop, based on an appropriate specification drawing.

Mechanische Fertigung - Bild 2 CNC moving-column Milling Machine DMF 316
Travel X-axis: 3,600 mm
Y-axis: 920 mm
Z-axis: 820 mm
Dimensions of table: 4,200 x 900 mm
Mechanische Fertigung - Bild 3 Milling, Drilling, Turning –MNR-:

CNC Universal Milling Machine Deckel Maho DMU 60:

Traverse path:
   X-axis: 730 mm
   Y-axis: 560 mm
   Z-axis: 560 mm
CNC Rotary Table  
Mechanische Fertigung - Bild 4 Milling, Drilling, Turning –MNR-:

2-Axis Universal Lathe
Gildemeister CTX 410

CNC control with Ø 410 mm x 600 mm
Mechanische Fertigung - Bild 5 Milling, Drilling, Turning –MNR-:

Cycle-controlled CNC lathe

DUS 1110:
Tip distance: 3,000 mm
Swing over bed: 1,110 mm
Diameter over bed slide: 810 mm
Maximum work piece weight: 6.000 kg


Mechanische Fertigung - Bild 1 Milling, Drilling, Turning –MNR-::

Turning & Milling Machining Centre Powerspeed 6
Rotary table Ø: 2,000 mm
Traverse path X-axis: 5,000 mm
Y-axis: 2,100 mm
Z-axis: 1,500 mm
Automatic universal milling-head  
Mechanische Fertigung - Bild 2
Mechanische Fertigung - Bild 3

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